the boum percussion academy

June 16-19 2022 Theaterhaus Stuttgart


  • Solo Percussion
  • Orchestral Percussion
  • Timpani



  • Kai Strobel | International Percussion Soloist
  • Marc Strobel | Percussionist State Opera House Stuttgart, GER
  • Vladi Petrov | Timpanist & Percussionist Bruckner Orchestra Linz, AT
individual lessons
  • attend lessons with all of the instructors
academist’s concert „Percussion-Lab“
  • Spot on, just for you!
  • Take the chance to perform your solo in front of an audience on stage at Theaterhaus Stuttgart. A concert for the the next percussive generation.
  • Mental training
  • Preparation for performances / competitions / auditions
  • Career tips
  • Warm-up classes / drum fitness
  • 16.6. OCEANIA live 8 pm – Boum-Percussion
  • 18.6. TANGO plus 8 pm – Bandoneon, Piano, Percussion
  • 19.6. Percussion-Lab 6 pm – Stars of Tomorrow! It’s your turn!
  • Attend performances & meet int. guest-artists
  • Perform in the „Percussion-Lab“ concert
overview of classical percussion | solo & orchestral, timpani
  • Major techniques from marimba to tambourine
  • Practice methods & solution paths
  • In-depth work in musicality & expression
  • Preparation for performance situations
get motivated!!
  • Meet young, international percussionists of all levels
  • Form new perspectives
  • Discuss & collaborate
  • Build international friendships


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what can I expect?

Learn from innovative percussionists in the fields of orchestral & solo percussion and increase your knowledge and skills through participating in masterclasses, meetings, concerts and talks. Meet other motivated percussionists from different nationalities in the great environment of the Theaterhaus Stuttgart, exchange and get connected!

  • Take private lessons (Academy+) with any of the instructors (between 30-45 min) depending on the amount of applicants.
  • Get the chance to perform your pieces on stage in the final closing concert „Percussion-Lab“ at Theaterhaus Stuttgart.
  • Attend two Boum-Percussion Academy CONCERTS and enjoy the variety of percussion
  • Play and try instruments provided by our partners such as ADAMS, Thomann-Music, Kolberg-Percussion and buy instruments & equipment at the Academy right away, with a special discount.
for which level is the academy?

For young advanced percussionists of all nationalities (minimum age is 14), teachers and professionals.

what to prepare?

We would like you to prepare at least one solo piece (Marimba or Vibra or Snare, … ) and a Snare-Drum Etude. This way we will have a better opportunity to work together on details and you might be able to perform in the „Percussion-Lab“ concert. But also a pure orchestral audition program is a great base to work on. Don’t hesitate or worry about your level!

should I bring own instruments?

At the Academy you will find brand new instruments that have been provided by our partners ADAMS, Thomann-Music & Zultan-Cymbals & Kolberg-Percussion. If possible, we would like to ask you to bring a Snare Drum stand and a practice pad. We also recommend that you bring your own Tambourine.

where does it take place?

In Theaterhaus Stuttgart – a theatre complex in Stuttgart’s (Germany) North inner city district, attracting more than 350 000 visitors per year with its over 1000 shows. A broad variety of programs on all 4 stages range from contemporary/classical/Jazz/rock & pop music to cabaret, readings, play and dance performances. 

Adress: Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Siemensstrasse 11, 70469 Stuttgart, Germany. 

U-Bahn Stations „Pragsattel“ or „Maybachstrasse“.

How to get to Theaterhaus:

From the airport (STR): take the S-Bahn train S2 (direction Schorndorf) or S3 (direction Backnang) to Hauptbahnhof/Mainstation -> CHANGE HERE TO: U6 (direction Gerlingen) / U7 (direction Mönchfeld) or  U15 (direction Stammheim) to Pragsattel. Disembark in the direction of travel, climb the stairs, cross the crosswalk and continue on the pedestrian pathway. After 200m you will pass a restaurant on your left hand side and reach the main entrance of the Theaterhaus.

in which language is the academy?

English & German.

where to find accommodation?

We kindly ask you to organize and pay your accommodations individually.


B & B – Siemensstraße 58, 70469 Stuttgart

or Motel-One – Heilbronner Str. 325, 70469 Stuttgart.

All accommodations suggested above are within walking distance to the ACADEMY in Stuttgart-Nord. If you wish to book accommodations in Stuttgart’s city center, you’ll find many other options. You can easily reach the „Theaterhaus“ from the city center by tram (U-Bahn) in 10 min.

is there food provided?

The Academy will provide some light snacks, fruits and beverages during the day.

Main meals will have to be paid for individually.

how much is the participation fee?

The general participation fee is 300 € p.p.

If you would like to get extra private lessons (Academy+) the fee will cost an additional 50€ pp.

Academy+: lessons with any of the instructors (between 30-45 min) depending on the amount of applicants

Slots for this options are limited and the amount of lessons will depend on availability.

what is the concert program?

Part of the Academy are three concerts at Theaterhaus Stuttgart T3 (your tickets as participant are already included in the fee).

  • 16.6. OCEANIA live 8 pm | Boum-Percussion, Kai & Marc Strobel
  • 18.6. TANGO plus 8 pm | Omar Massa – Bandoneon, Kim Barbier – Piano, Kai Strobel – Vibraphone
  • 19.6. Percussion-Lab 6 pm | Stars of Tomorrow! Participants of the Academy perform their pieces on stage, including light design.

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Still some questions left? Feel free to drop us a line. We’re happy to hear from you!


Terms of payment

Thank you for your registration. We kindly ask you to transfer the fee (full amount) until June 1st 2022 (payment details in extra mail). In case of canceling your participation after transfering the fee, there will be 50 % refund. When registering after June 1st unfortunately there will be no refund in case of cancelation from your side. We’re looking forward to meet you there!